Asset Management

We manage the audit, return and re-sale of your evaluation or leased equipment.

Track All Inventory

We track everything that comes into our warehouse, small to large. With value added asset processing, you can track your products at all times and focus on managing your business.

Client Portal

Track inventory real-time and build reports any time you’d like. We track history, consolidations, serial numbers, and more. This web based tool takes convenience to the next level.

Accuracy and Consistency

Nothing is worse than your warehousing company losing and breaking product. We have the systems and processes in place to ensure your goods are safe, providing you with peace of mind.

Great Support

If you have any questions, requests or concerns, our team is happy to help in any way they can. We have the experience and proven track record to solve problems that will exceed expectation.

We can keep track of your assets so that you know exactly where your goods are at all times. You can track your inventory from anywhere in the world on any device.

Demo programme


Our demo programme offers companies a mainstreamed way to allow customers to test products usually for viability or compatibilty. For example purchasing lots of new server hardware is no simple task but with some new hardware on-hand it becomes much easier. These demos usually lead to sales and a very happy customer.

iServe will manage the lifecycle of your demo products. We will receive new product into our tracking software, asset tag, create itemized return checklists for each product, ship the product, handle logistics, receive and audit the demoed product for recirculation or sale.

Off-Lease programme


iServe's Off-Lease programme offers companies a service to recover maximum value for your used, leased or end of life products returned from your customers.

When your customer is finished with a lease, arrange to have the product shipped to us optionally through our warehouse services. With our proven processes and sales team we can recover max value for your product. We can audit the assets for potential resale, receive into our tracking software, clean, refurbish, disk wipe, upgrade or part out assets all while providing metrics and reports.

EoL Safe Disposal programme


iServe's does their part in keeping our environment clean. Our R2 certified processes will quickly and effeciently collect and dispose of your end of life assets. Help us do what's right.

We strive to provide our clients with an environmentally sound method for the disposition of their end of life computer equipment. All assets are inspected for potential issues with disposal and the possibilty of parts reuse. Hard drives can be wiped before destruction to meet the needs of clients. We offer a dedicated disk wiping service to handle large loads and data destruction based on various data erasures standards.

Asset Management FAQ

As long as you'd like. With our warehouse services you can store assets in racks in in a secured cage. iServe can offer discounts for multiple services.
Yes, with our integrations services we provide an end to end solution for demoed or leased assets. From hardware and software configrations to shipping and logistics.
We have a propietary software, proven processes and people dedicated to delivering the best demo services possible.
Yes, you can arrange to have them shipped to iServe and we will recover maximum dollar, sort your assets for redeployment and allow to track everything.
Only some assets such as hard drives and metal cases, racks. Other more dangerous materials are gathered and shipped to professional disposition companies.