Asset Recovery

Make the recovery and disposition of asset painless.

ITAD(IT Asset Disposition)

The asset recovery program offers end users the ability to safely and economically dispose of used computer, server, network, display equipment, etc that is environmentally friendly.

Resoursces and Expertise

State of the art lab for testing, data cleaning(disk wiping), re-imaging, upgrades and cosmetic finishing. Custom disk wiping equipment to quickly and effeciently handle large loads.

Track All Inventory

All assets are received, audited and bar-coded for tracking. With asset tracking, you can track your assets at all times on our customer portal allowing you to focus on managing your business.

Experienced Staff

Our experienced lab technicians will effectively recovery assets to industry standard and our professional sales team will recover the maximum dollar value for your end of life equipment.

Retailers and consumer brands all want the same thing: maximum recovery for their surplus inventory. We help you achieve this through proven strategies.

How it works.

Shipping and receiving

Arrange to have your assets securely shipped to us through our warehouse services.

Asset tracking and recovery

Our secure facilities offer a full range of asset recovery services.

Sales and distribution

Our sales team are experts at targetting the right clients. And we ship!

  1. Ship your assets through a predefined chain of custody, iServe uses licensed carriers able to carry out specific instruction.
  2. Assets are received, auditied and bar-coded. Assets are logged into iServe's tracking system for full client accountability.
  3. Recovery and disposition of assets through our ISO certified processes and state of the art computer labratory.
  4. Reports are seamlessly provided to meet corporate compliance requirements, asset reconciliation and data destruction.
  5. Our experienced sales team will quickly and effectively maximize return on equipment by knowing the market and it's demands.
  6. Ship product to customers world-wide. Whether it's just a few pieces a small supply chain, we have a solution.

Asset Recovery FAQ

Although we do not pick up equipment ourselves, we can arrange for a reputable carrier to do the pick-up and execute specific instruction.
Easy, sell to people who need them. Our sales team is quite knowledgeable and knows the market very well. We sell to companies that have a direct need for the equipment or have clients ready to utilize the product.
It greatly depends on the equipment and instruction to carry out but we typically recover thousands of assets per week.
Our lab is of static size but we have the space and electrical capacity to meet the needs of a larger programme.
We only refurbish servers due to growing trends.