Trust our experts with your upgrades or custoization.

Server Upgrades

Our expert technicians have been around the block. We provide clean, professional hardware upgrades and installations as well as software installation and provisioning, storage array configuration.

Workstation Solutions

Choose exactly what hardware/software configuration you'd like and we can quickly and cleanly build many custom workstations from ground up. With our deployment plans, purchasing new workstations has never been easier.


Need to setup a promo kiosk or a demo campaign? We can combine, configure, test, prepare and ship your assets and configurations safely and reliably to ensure you are fully prepared to impress your audience.

OS Imaging

With our proprietary imaging server we are able to deploy many images to many hard drives at once. We also provide backup imaging services where we can backup/redeploy images for demo product.

Server upgrades and new deployments can create many issues, our trained staff will provide robust installations and pre-configurations.

Integrations FAQ

We have the capacity to do any kind of upgrade. Arrange to purchase the parts and have them shipped to us and we will do the rest.
Yes, we can configure your servers and preload them with whatever software you require. We can assist in the purchase and deployment of enterprise software as well.
Yes we are experts in the art of a clean install. These days it's not enough to just do an installation, it needs to be pretty and practical. iServe can meet and exceed these expectations.
We can typically achieve a 2 day turn around for preparing demo and pre-configured or combined product. This will largely depend on the needs of the particular company.
Yes, we have officially added phones and tablets to our recovery, demo, wiping, kitting, pre-configration processes.