Bulk Disk Wiping

Concern for data breaches can be a thing of the past.

Bulk Erasing

iServe has the resources to wipe large amounts of hard drives at once. Our processes are robust and very thorough to ensure all hard drives are 100% overwritten and that no hard drive is skipped in the process.

Full Reporting

Every single drive has a full report with a complete breakdown of the erasure that was run, hard drive metrics, device used to wipe, time taken, etc. In-depth error reporting allows us to find any issue with the drive.

Destruction Evidence

Some client require that they physically witness the destruction of data. We can accomadate through a visit to our facility, captured video evidence or live video stream of documented drives being wiped or destroyed.

Data Shredding

Any data-bearing media that our clients do not want to reuse or resell is physically destroyed. The drive is destroyed in totality, the platters are shredded into little pieces making it impossible to recover data.

iServe uses commercial and proprietary software to erase hard drives. Securely erasing hard drives allows for them be reused, redeployed or sold.

Disk Wiping FAQ

We can wipe up to 1000 hard drives at once but it still takes time to remove the hard drives from enclosures and package them.
We can execute DoD 5220.22-M and NIST SP 800-88 wipes.
In recent years we have mastered the process to effectively wipe a very wide array of SSDs.
Yes and yes, the bulk of our work entails wiping hard drives for resale and redeployment, we have the equipment to satisfy nearly any wiping requirement.
Typically it is very good, and our sales team makes it that much better.